Nitro Deck Black Edition + Stick Top Bundle

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Black Nitro Deck: The Professional Handheld Deck for Switch™ & OLED Model

Nitro Deck is built for comfort and speed with zero stick drift. Whether you're playing at home or on the go, Nitro Deck delivers the responsiveness and precision you need to enjoy your favorite games comfortably for longer. With features like Hall Effect Thumbsticks, swappable Stick Tops, re-mappable back buttons, Motion Controls, and more, the Nitro Deck is your go-to choice to take your Switch to the next level!


CRKD Stick Tops Pack: Maintain a Fresh Look

Enhance the feel and look of your Nitro Deck with the CRKD Stick Tops pack. With 8 stylish and easy-to-install stick tops, you can mix and match to express your gaming style. Compatible with all CRKD products, these stick tops are the perfect solution to keep your thumbsticks fresh and rejuvenate your gaming experience. Say goodbye to worn or greasy thumbsticks and hello to a fresh and stylish look.

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