NEO S Blossom Edition by POPeART

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Introducing NEO S Blossom Edition by POPeART, The Wireless Collectible Controller designed for Nintendo® Switch™, PC, Mobile & Smart TV Gaming.

This design features a traditional Japanese background pattern, enriched with vibrant pink paint splatters instead of flowers of the Cherry Blossom, adding a dynamic twist. The pink Stick Tops and D-pad create a visually striking effect, making it feel like the artistry is taking over the controller. Immerse yourself in a gaming experience beyond the screen with this true work of art in your hands.

NEO S is a fusion of nostalgia and modern technology, offering an elevated gaming and collectible experience. Drawing inspiration from today's sleek sophistication of cutting- edge mobile design, NEO S seamlessly combines the charm of yesteryear with the cutting-edge appeal of today.

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a casual player, NEO S transcends being just a controller – it's a statement, an art piece, and the perfect gaming companion for Console and PC gaming.


  • For Switch, PC, Mobile & Smart TV's
  • Zero Stick Drift (Hall Effect Thumbsticks)
  • Ergonomic
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Wired Connection (Optional)
  • No Deadzone Mode
  • Swappable Stick Tops
  • Adjustable Trigger Actuation Points
  • Adjustable Vibration
  • Re-mappable back buttons
  • Motion Controls
  • Rumble Support
  • Turbo Function
  • Connects to the CRKD Companion app

More Information

Wireless Connection

Bluetooth allows for seamless wireless pairing to your Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile or Smart TV.

Hall Effect Thumbsticks

Precise & responsive stick drift free control.

Collectible Designs

Compatible with our "True Collection System" Companion App where you can tap your product into your CRKD collection revealing the product # and rarity rank of your controller.

Adjustable Trigger Actuation

Onboard with Hall Effect Triggers allows you to fine tune to the preferred actuation point of your triggers.

Swappable Stick Tops

Easily swappable stick tops allow for easy customization making your controller look & feel newer for longer.

Re-mappable Back Buttons

Re-mappable back buttons add flexibility & versatility to your game style.